ChanelI’m a detail person.  I like to labor over the minute particulars, which just happens to drive everyone around me to distraction, but, whatever.  Slow and steady is who and what I am.  And maybe that’s why I find Chanel buttons to be so completely fascinating.  ChanelDid you know that Chanel designs a unique set of buttons for each of its collections that speaks to the essential elements of the collection?  Embedded in the buttons is the story of the collection.  How cool is that!  Take Resort 2010, which has within its collection, five different buttons.

61ChanelThis button speaks to the Baroque influence in the collection.  It contains red and green stones, to reflect the ornate and vibrant colors worn by aristocrats during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
9A second button, of Byzantine influence, also uses stones but with colors that are more subdued and less regal in feel.  They mirror the dark and hard times of the Middle Ages or Byzantine period of history.

lionA third button pays homage to the lion, the symbol of Venice and the birth symbol of Coco Chanel.

ChanelThe two remaining buttons resemble the wheel of an old ship, a nod to the nautical elements of the collection.  One is in gold, which harks back to the Baroque elements of the collection while the other is more muted in tone and speaks to the Byzantine influence.

ChanelSo, what’s in a button?  If it’s a Chanel button, you’ll find history, thoughtful brilliant design, and a meaningful connection with the pieces of the collection that those buttons adorn.

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